The Home Fellowship Network is a source for, and information about likeminded home fellowships. It is a source for starting a home fellowship and connecting with fellowships online or locally.

If you are a Christian worshipping God apart from church, and want to start your own home fellowship, you can start with just yourself! Simply list yourself on our network as someone seeking likeminded fellowship with other Christians in your area. Until you are contacted, feel free to join us online via our livestreaming channel every Sunday as we study the book of Revelation.

For those of you who have a home fellowship with your immediate family, but would like to include other likeminded Christians, add yourself to our list as well. And of course, existing groups may want to invite others in their area who are looking for a home fellowship.

To add yourself or your group to our network list, go to the Information Form page.

The public list only includes your city and state, your name or the name of your fellowship, and your preferred contact information.